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Are you ready for the ultimate adventure and fun in the canyon?

With prices starting from 45 Euro

Min 4 people
6-7 hours

Canyoning is an exciting outdoor activity where you will find yourself jumping into clear, cool pools of water, and abseiling down waterfalls while you explore hidden gorges. Sometimes you will find yourself swimming through narrow passages, at other times climbing boulders, and sometimes walking.

At a glance

Try a new and exciting outdoor activity
Explore hidden canyons of the Lycian Coast
Engage your sense of adventure
Cool off from the heat of summer

What´s included

All transport (incl. free pick-up from peninsula villas & hotels)
Safety briefing and training session
All technical equipment

What´s not included

Extra drinks or snacks

Remember to bring

Walkin shoes
Two pairs of socks
Thermal undershirt so stay warm (depending on season)
Sun protection, sun hat and sunglasses
A pair of sports gloves is highly recommended!
Lots of water to stay hydrated
Your sense of adventure!

Tour Details

The canyon descents are made wearing wetsuits and carrying waterproof packs and containers. Bougainville provides all of the technical equipment you will need such as helmets, ropes and wet suits. The agency conforms to international standards of safety and uses materials of a high standard. All you need is a head for heights, the ability to swim, and a taste for adventure.
For canyoning, you need to have sturdy ankle boots, properly broken in before you arrive that can get wet and still be worn well. It is possible to twist an ankle without good, solid footwear and spoil the fun for everyone. Better to come prepared as even a sprained ankle can make you a casualty.

Bring at least two pair of socks to prevent foot blisters, and a thermal under-shirt. Even though you will be wearing a wet suit, a thermal undershirt will help to prevent the inevitable chilling from the canyon water. Know your water needs and bring at least 1.5 liters or more if you can carry it.

If you bring a camera, make sure it has some kind of cord to hold it around your neck or to your body as well as a waterproof cover suitable for such activities. A dry bag to hold your extra clothes when you finish your activity is often overlooked.

The best season for canyoning is from Mid-June until the end of September because the water level rises in the late winter and early spring and also because the weather is often too cold after the end of September.

Canyoning 1
This is an easier parkour for people who would like to see the beauties of the canyon, to have physical activity and experience an outdoor adventure. We start from the entrance point of the canyon walking in cool waters, swimming and a couple easier jumps and abseils almost until the mid point. We have lunch break and go back the same way this time climbing the drops we passed. We walk around 6km in total and our tour ends in the afternoon.

Canyoning 2
Again we start from the entrance point of the canyon and we proceed approximately 8km and we exit from a different point. We proceed about 8km into the canyon and get out from a different location. On this tour we require a good physical contition and mentally being ready to do higher jumps and longer abseils.
On this adventure includes high adrenalin and fun sections like a 7m jump into the pool and a long abseil from a waterfall.
The duration of our adventure differs according to the group's size and pace. Under normal conditions we return to Kaş around 17:00-18:00.

Children Policy

Children should be 12 years old or older. Children must be accompanied by parents or guardian at all times. This activity is not suitable for most children under 12 years of age nor for those who are exceptionally small.


Always safety first! The agency conforms to international standards of safety and uses materials of a high standard. All you need is a head for heights, the ability to swim, and a taste for adventure.
An adventure sport requires you to have a realistic awareness of your mental condition; be prepared to focus on the tour guide, his or her instructions and the event at hand. Knowing the limits of your physical condition is important. Unless a group is engaging in semi-professional competition, our adventure activities are meant to be FUN as well as challenging, therefore honesty about your physical fitness can determine the quality of your adventure experience.

Start time

8:45 AM